Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love coffee. I once drank as often as Lorelai Gilmore at Luke’s Diner. I have since calmed down a bit. But I still love it.

I’ve tried all kinds. StarBucks blonde pour-over. Door County. Dunkin’ Donuts. Off-the-beaten path cafe coffees. Jamaican Blue Mountain. Costa Rican. Italian espresso. Organic. Currently, I drink the German Roast coffee from Aldi’s.

As of late, I’ve been adding cinnamon to the coffee grounds. It tastes a bit like fall and that is comforting to me. I have the coffee pot set to brew at 6:00 am every morning. Once brewed, I add stevia and a touch of butter.

But what makes coffee even better is the cup in which it’s served. When purchasing a coffee cup, no matter how much I like the cup, it has to fit my hand just right or I won’t buy it. The weight of it must be perfectly balanced.

Drinking coffee is certainly a special part of my day. Especially when I share it with you.

The title of this blog, Coffee with Andi, means something to me. I hope you find it a blessing.

Enjoy your next cup with me…here. ♥️


13 thoughts on “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

  1. Interesting you add cinnamon and butter to you coffee. I add chocolate to mine. I remember that when I was growing up in Brazil, many decades ago, that butter was added to coffee when someone had a cough.
    Blessings and enjoy every cup!

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    1. Interesting comment. I’ve never heard that before. I’d love to add organic heavy cream to it as well but I don’t tolerate dairy well. So only once in a GREAT while will I splurge. Organic butter seems to be okay.

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