Burned Out

I am currently overwhelmed with some really tough situations. I am burned out. My mind completely exhausted itself but not before it depleted (and defeated) the physical part of me. I don’t know where to start from here because I’m sure I’m not asking the right questions.

I came through a very dark week. Lots of shed tears and long, painful nights. I did not make it to Saturday unscathed.

I’ve been studying the common thought that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. I really didn’t believe that to be true so I decided to study it. And I found out that we do get more than we handle. Not that God wants to break us. (Or maybe, like me, we need to be broken.) God wants us to lean on Him for strength. And this is where I fail greatly.

I have more than I can handle right now and it doesn’t feel good. And why I have such difficulty clinging to Christ, I do not understand. But I do know that I am burned out and tired. I need questions that lead to the right answers as I am a poor decision maker. Truthfully, I need to be a better Christian and to rely on God more. Why should He help me if I do not honor or love Him as I should?

Be grateful if you have the support of a significant other. I cannot emphasize this enough. This life is just too hard to walk alone. It wasn’t His intention for us to do so. Many times I have wished that I could go to my room and be held tightly by someone who knows me…yet loves me anyway.

I write this to you because I know I am not the only one to experience times like these. And maybe you are currently going through the same. Just know that you are not alone.

Tomorrow is Sunday, the first day of a new week. I am praying for strength and insight. And maybe a little peace. Tomorrow I’ll be spending some time outdoors at a beautiful waterfall. It is supposed to be a sunny day. I know that there is great healing in nature so I am looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll rejuvenate my body and soul from the warmth of the sun and the power of the water. ♥️


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