My Morning

I woke at 6:00 on my day off. I guess it’s okay to stay on schedule. But I didn’t get out of bed until after 8:00. I write a lot in bed so it was time worth spent. But then I had to get up. Now I’m sore.

I opened my blinds and it was a breathtaking glow. I let Nyx outside, slipped on my boots and grabbed my phone. Wearing only my jammies and boots, I ventured out into the 3 degrees morning.

My mind is heavy but the crispness of my breath and the sight before my eyes lifted my spirit. Nature has a way of doing that for me.

I praise God for such a gift. He knew exactly what He was doing in His design of the earth. He knew that nature would bring us great pleasure. But He also knew it would be a place of peace and solace.

And for that I am forever grateful. ♥️


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