Don’t Wait

Don’t wait til tomorrow
To share your heart;
Don’t wait til the sorrow
Finds it’s place to start.

If you have something important to share with someone, don’t wait. An I love you or an I’m sorry carry much weight in life if left unsaid. So, say it. We are not promised tomorrow. We aren’t even promised that we will make it through this day.

I love many people and I will tell them so. I don’t want anyone in my life to wonder what they mean to me. Not that I’m anyone special. I’m just someone. But I believe it’s good for the soul to hear “I love you” and to know that you are loved.

Sorrow shows no mercy. And it can strike quite unexpectedly. Often sorrow is riddled with regret. Regret is a nightmare to live with. I know.

I love you.

Yes, those three words are overused and abused. But they are also extremely powerful.

Tell someone today, and mean it. Then tell someone else. Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait. ♥️


20 thoughts on “Don’t Wait

  1. Very relevant. My friends mom just died yesterday. They had had a very Rocky relationship and she had never been kind to him, his wife or his kids. She died never forgiving or asking forgiveness, never apologizing or saying she had regrets. What a shame that some people will carry poison with them right to the grave. BTW, love you Andi. I hope you get to visit us in Maine again sometime.

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    1. This is just so sad. It happens so much! Love you too, Greg, and Maine is always on my agenda. My heart certainly loves that place…and you & Karen!


  2. Ok… I have to talk about this. I don’t why I’m so conscious about everything on here. And it’s just a blog! I talk too much, I don’t talk enough. I say weird stuff. I am weird. Or so I believe I’m perceived. Why should I care what others think? I shouldn’t. But I do.


    1. I don’t care what others think. The worst I had was from my kids and I just deleted that one post. I say what I where on my sleeve. People don’t have to read it if they don’t want to. This is who I am.

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              1. I don’t see a train wreck. I see a really awesome lady who’s been through a lot. And a lot has been placed on her. But she carries it gracefully. And I’m not just being nice.

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