Give Me the Country

Give me the country over the city any day. To me it’s worth the longer drive to the grocery store, to a restaurant, to well…anywhere!

Hilly, windy roads lined with wild flowers, beautiful ponds, decades old fencing, a covered bridge, and even cows make a country drive more inviting.

Plowed fields or a colorful woods, rocky creek beds, farmhouses, combines, century old barns are all sights I’d miss if I was planted in the city.

A farmer near me paints scenes on round bales of hay every year to be enjoyed by the young and old who happen to venture out through the countryside.

I couldn’t find my favorite one of Mike & Sully from Monsters Inc. A train was passing directly behind the bales. I’m can’t find my Sponge Bob bales either. But if I wasn’t in the country, I’d have missed these simple treasures.


No…keep your city lights. I prefer the full moon, bonfires, starry nights, and fireflies.

To each his own, but I love the country. And I am grateful for the opportunity to live in it. ♥️


6 thoughts on “Give Me the Country

  1. The only big cities I loved were in Germany. I’ll take our “empty nester “ on a mountainside inside a national park over a Manhattan apartment any day!!!

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