Answered Prayer

An important thing to remember is that God doesn’t work on our timeline…unless it’s HIS timeline. He will always be better at seeing the whole picture than we are.

We tend to be selfish, shallow, and impatient. But God doesn’t give in when He knows the timing isn’t right. We have much to learn during the wait-time. I know this firsthand.

Remember what you prayed for days or even months ago? All of a sudden it’s there staring you in the face looking totally different from what you thought you were praying for. Be grateful. If your prayer hasn’t transpired after a long wait time, you can perhaps understand why it hasn’t. Maybe the answer is no, this isn’t good for you.

God’s wisdom is greater than ours.

I have prayed for many things as you know from my blog. I have struggled with not understanding why my prayers weren’t answered…on my time. After all, my timing seemed like perfect timing to me. Little did I know was that I was being prepared for when they are answered. Now I am receiving an avalanche of answered prayer in ways I never imagined. With answers are challenges but things make sense now. And I truly am grateful.

As my long-awaited prayers are being answered, more prayer is petitioned. I will always need Jesus.

I thank God for my place in life and for His trust in me to handle all the prayer He has recently answered. I may not be able to write as often as I have been as my time is divided now between beautiful things.

Patience is a virtue.

Praising God today and everyday for His love and wisdom. And answered prayer. ♥️


Photo: Cocoa Beach, FL, October 13, 2021

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