The Monarch

The monarch butterflies you see today are the the fourth generation of the season. The Methuselah generation. They are heading to Mexico soon if they haven’t started their journey already.

4th generation

God amazes me. He gave to one of the most fragile of all living beings the innate ability to travel thousands of miles to a warm winter home.

The sad news is that the population of the monarch decreased by 26% of those that successfully made it to their winter home in Mexico just last year. The use of pesticides and the loss of the milkweed plant are the two largest factors in this major decline.

We should change this.

The monarch is quite remarkable. It would certainly be a tragedy to lose them permanently. They won’t be placed on the endangered species list until October 2023, as there are a great many animals on the waiting list ahead of them. I do not understand that process.

Appreciate the monarch and it’s life’s journey. When you feel you cannot go one step further, remember this fragile butterfly with its strong will to live and determination to succeed. Not only for itself but for the next generations to come.



Photo: Denae, 4th generation monarch, September 2021; last two photos are mine, probably both first generations, March 2021

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