My Spirit Animal

Do you know what your spirit animal is? Do you even know what it is? I think Brainfall best describes the spirit animal. I found this definition on their website:

In many spiritual traditions and cultures such as Native American cultures, a spirit animal refers to an animal which guides a person on a journey and whose characteristics that person embodies. In more recent times, it is used as a metaphor for someone or something which is a good representation of a person.

I think I relate to so many animals it’s hard to decide which one resembles me the best.

When I think about my spirit animal, elephants first come to mind. They are family oriented. The momma’s are loving mom’s. They are protectors too. You wouldn’t want to mess with an angry momma elephant. They can be strong and mighty, or ever so gentle. Elephants have great memories. Oh, okay…um…I guess elephants are not my spirit animal.

Dolphins are sleek and graceful. They are great moms as well and brave against the threats to their family. They love being in the water. Okay, no. Dolphins won’t work for me either.

Grey wolves…awesome animals. Together, the parents raise their pups. They mate for life. Um…two divorces. It would be a discredit to these beautiful creatures to claim them as my spirit animal.

An owl with all its wisdom? No.

A sleepy sloth? Possibly. I do come from a long line of nappers. Nah…

A dog? They forgive and forget a little easier than I do sometimes. And I would get bored chasing the same toy for hours on end. Geminis have a tendency to get bored.

Okay, okay…I know what my spirit animal is. I saw it on my way home from work today. Hence, the inspiration for this blog. My spirit animal is (drum roll, please)….my spirit animal is….a fainting goat.

Yes, I believe that is correct. A fainting goat. Goats love to have fun. They can be mischievous. They are curious. They have attitudes. They are never boring. Goats are forever looking for something delicious to eat. They like to conquer hills. (I climbed my mountain, remember?) And fainting goats startle easily.

I can’t tell you how many times a day I about fall over from a startle at work. I will be intently working on a project when someone stops at my door and simply says “Andi”. I will almost jump out of my seat as my heart beats one final time. Or, I will meet someone around a corner and gasp. Maybe even jump a little then too. If I was a fainting goat, I’d spend half my work day laying on my side, stiff as a board. My boss and coworkers all know how easy it is to scare me so they now try to gently get my attention. Gotta love ‘em. Yep, my spirit animal must be a fainting goat.

Something light and maybe a little fun for your Tuesday morning coffee with me. I hope your day is awesome and that your spirit animal represents you in a good and positive way. ♥️


Photo credits: elephant,; sloth,; fainting goat pics in order,,,,,

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