March 31, 2019

It is Sunday morning and I found her lying on her side, fully dressed, and with her feet hanging off the bed as if she sat down and just plopped over. I bent down and quietly called her name and wished her a good morning. With eyes closed, she responded with a good morning and, “Where are you taking me now?”

I asked her if she wanted to come with me to hear gospel hymns and go to worship. She said she just couldn’t this morning because she didn’t feel well. The bright sunlight was coming through the window and when she finally opened her eyes, her aged face unexpectedly lit up brightly when she saw me, such as I’ve never seen before. To me it as though she was seeing an angel. Not that I am one, or would ever claim to be. But I believe the way the morning sunlight was shining from slightly above and behind me through the window it gave the essence of something holy. The golden beams shot through my long, wavy hair and the sunlight surrounded me. I felt it’s warmth against my back. Betty’s face and her smile…oh, so radiant. I saw a glow in her eyes. I wondered if this would be her lovely expression on the day she sees Jesus in all His glory. She reached up and lightly touched my hair and told me how beautiful it was. It was a moment I will never forget.

When she sat up and we both came back to earth, we talked a bit about the gospel songs she loves. Then I asked her what her favorite music was and she said country. I told her I would come back later and we’d listen to some country music together.

After lunch I was able to see her again. I found a classic country station on Pandora. I turned it on and like magic she was a young woman again. Betty was clapping her hands and tapping her feet and singing some of the words. I could just imagine her at home, wearing an apron, and dancing away in her kitchen to country tunes playing on an old AM radio.

Betty stopped clapping periodically only to tightly hold my hand in both of hers, while continuing to sing and tap her feet. In-between her singing, she’d thank me, and then thank me again, for bringing music to her.

My visit with Betty made my day. No, actually, it made a deep and lasting impression on my life. We enjoyed each other’s company for a mere twenty minutes. Sadly, I knew it would all be forgotten by her once I left the room. But it was so worth it. Worth every second.



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