Ventura Highway

Yesterday as I drove to the other office, a 40 minute drive, it only took a split second to know which playlist I was going to listen too.

I had recently purchased one of my very favorite albums of all time. Homecoming by America.

This was the second album for America which was released in November 1972. I would have been eleven at the time, but it was definitely my go-to album when I was feeling restless or when I was in my dream mode from about 14 on up. In those days, my then best friend, Judy, and I were dreamers. Well, I still am. But we had dreams of getting on the road and taking off west. We were kinda in hippie mode. Our hearts were free spirits and we were going to explore the world together.

Our first journey was going to be the Grand Canyon. We were going to rough it. Mules would take us to the bottom and we were going to sleep under the stars. We even started making durable pillow cases out of remnant pieces of denim. Can’t be a free spirit, or a wanderer, without your pillow. I look back and smile at the memories and dreams of those two innocent, young gypsy wannabes.

This album, especially the song Ventura Highway, takes me away to many beautiful places, both in my mind and on down the road. As I drove west to work, I thought of those carefree days and of this young girl’s dreams. I watched the colorful tree line against the early morning sky. Fall has the magic touch of creating the bluest of all skies.

Ventura Highway. What a great song for a wandering heart. Even watching for “alligator lizards in the air” (cloud formations) sends me back to that same kind of peace and continues to fill my soul with dreams of what if.

I hope you have your own Ventura Highway memories that warm your heart. I have many such memories throughout my life. Pleasant moments to distract from a sometimes harsh reality.

Have a wonderful weekend. I get to wear my grandma face today as my granddaughter will be visiting. I can’t wait. ♥️


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