A child is the most beautiful gift of all. There is nothing more precious than their wonderment of simple things.

I was blessed to spend time with my granddaughter at my 60th birthday party. She was certainly the highlight of my day.

Adorned with her wings, she giggled and squealed with delight as she chased hundreds of iridescent bubbles for a good part of the day. While I didn’t have a pair of wings to wear, I did enjoy watching my granddaughter dance around with bubbles in her hair. I even chased a few myself.

Have we truly forgotten what it was like to chase bubbles? Or, to wear a pair of imaginary wings? To build forts out of sheets or sail away to distant lands on couch cushions? Sadly, we’ve left so much in our childhood. Playing pretend was how my siblings and I spent much of our young years. The joy of being a child. You just don’t realize what you had until you relive it through a child’s eyes once again. I think with all the stresses of today’s world, we could all use a big dose of bubbles, especially shared with a little one wearing magical wings. I know I could again.

B*U*B*B*L*E*S. The joy of being a child. The joy of remembering. ♥️


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