The Love of a Dog

Dogs have this great ability to love. And they each express love differently just like humans do. You know like The Five Love Languages.

I miss my Hercules He was such a good boy. Beautiful too. Herc did lots of little things to show he loved us. First thing in the morning he couldn’t get close enough to me. I would dance around the room to avoid his morning sneeze which always managed to land on my bare legs. He couldn’t stand for us girls to separated by walls or doors, or the inside from the outside. He wanted us altogether in one room and he couldn’t rest if we weren’t. If he was outside with me, he’d sit looking into the house for the girls. We were his world.

After Herc passed away, my daughter asked me to look at dog she happened to see for sale on Facebook. I did. I went to see her three times. And well, here she is.

Kiara Nyx is the most unique dog I’ve ever had. She has lots of anxiety and trust issues but she’s come a VERY long way since November. And she really is a one-person dog. My dog. Nyx and I, we kinda need each other.

When I get home from work she is beyond excited. She has a real deep bark for a medium size dog and she will use that bark to scream in the face of the other animals to let them know I’m home and that I’m hers. If we crate her, wow…she goes nuts with excitement when I let her out. It’s like she’s electrified. Love just pours out of her.

Love to Nyx is a good morning rub along her jawline. It’s a car ride around the block or a walk in the park. It’s a cookie in the morning and one at night. But mostly it’s playing fetch and tug-of-war. Nyx is the happiest when she’s flying through the air or battling for her toy. She will bring toys to you and drop them in your lap. And then stare you down until you go outside. She will also grab one end of her toy or stick and try to put the other end in your hand for tug-of-war. It took many months but she smiles now and it’s gorgeous.

Dogs love with their whole being. They are loyal and ever-forgiving. All they ask of you is a little quality time. A game of fetch, sitting on the front porch together, a pat on the head, a car ride to nowhere, and an occasional “I love you”. My daughter recently told me that a dog’s heart rate increases when you say those three words. Powerful words for both humans and animals.

The love of a dog.
There’s nothing quite like it. ♥️


Kiara = bright; little dark one
Nyx = goddess of night

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