knows no limits or boundaries.

Neither is it a respecter of persons.

Grief awakens you in the night. It clouds your eyes and darkens your mind. It weakens your spirit. Days run together with no ends or beginnings. No sunrises or sunsets. Grief shows no mercy.

Grief haunts the mind with its endless scenarios of what-if. It replays conversations, interactions, hellos and goodbyes. Grief is a complicated mystery.

It can’t be rushed but yet grieving cannot last forever either. It’s complicated and it’s individual. Grief is inconsolable and has to run its own course. Grief usually revolves around a broken heart.

Grief is one of the most dreaded aspects of living. But it is a part of life. Life simply isn’t fair and grief is proof.

Be sensitive to those who are suffering. Pray that they may find closure and peace. Be compassionate of their struggles and supportive if they have temporarily lost their way. Give space when needed but always be just around the corner. Most importantly, love them. ♥️


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