Circus Peanuts

Spoiler alert: this isn’t about candy

They consistently break their own rules, guidelines, and mandates. They are paid by us yet they tell us what to do…while they don’t. They remove their masks when they think the cameras are off and arrest the rest of us who don’t comply.

They take away our police yet keep their own. We pay for that. They want to protect themselves and their property from us. Yet they want us to remain exposed and vulnerable to them.

It makes me think of a circus. The little monkey plays his tiny accordion and tips his hat for the audience to place their money. The little monkey does this for a peanut. His master trained him by leashing him, thus taking away his freedom, and then rewarding him with peanuts when he complies. His little monkey life ends on a leash, earning money for his keeper.

They took away our livelihood and put us on a leash while they barked commands and demands from their high places, fancy maskless dinners, and carefree vacations. They watch us and laugh. They command this and that. And we do it. They mix up the commands to confuse us and we comply. They watch us like little monkeys running around aimlessly and bumping into each other as we try to keep up with their merciless, senseless, and ever-changing commands. They laugh even harder. We tip our hat for them. And we give them our money. We do this in hope they will give us a piece of our freedom back. And they do, sorta. But you have to give up something else up in trade. Then they switch it up again…teasing us, taunting us. And the master laughs all the while.

They scared us into submission and then leashed us when we were at our lowest. They taught us to do tricks. Stupid pet tricks. And we did them. We still are.

We aren’t going to get our freedom back as long as we keep tipping our hat. I take no enjoyment of their degrading laughter, two-faced lies, and harsh judgments while I work hard to pay their wages. If you don’t believe they are laughing at us, think again. Rules for thee, but not for me. Isn’t that their motto?

Circus peanuts, or freedom? What do you want? I want our freedom back. All. Of. It.


Photos: internet; Pinterest

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