Don’t Let Your Past Define You

We all have a past. Some of it is exceptionally good while other parts might be a little on the dark side. We are human and we make mistakes, bad choices, and wrong decisions. Sometimes we are caught up in something so off-color, we don’t even realize the messiness of our life. That is, until we find a way to look in from the outside. Then it’s eye-opening. Or, it should be anyway.

I know my past very well. I’d prefer that some of it was buried deep so I’d never ever have to look at it again. But, I also realize that my past has shaped me, molded me, and helped me to become a better person. Not that I would EVER suggest that you intentionally do wrong because it might make you a better person later. DO NOT DO THAT. We can definitely learn enough from all the things we unintentionally do wrong.

Moving on up to the present…

So we have a past. If you haven’t learned anything, if you are still living in unproductive and unhealthy patterns, then expect others to talk about you and your life. It’s going to happen. Your past defines your present.

But if you have changed and grown, and you’ve left your old life behind, do not allow it to define you. If someone tries to bind your past to the present, do not allow it bring you down. Sadly, there are those who walk this earth who are relentless and unforgiving. Whose sole purpose in life (so it seems) is to disrupt other’s lives so no one notices theirs. Do not let it touch your heart. You do not answer to them. As hard as it might be, walk away knowing you are better than that person of yesterday. Walk away with your head held high because you no longer know or associate with the person they speak of.

I am one who carries much guilt from my past. I’m a sponge that has absorbed all the pain, hurt, and sorrow throughout my lifetime. One wrong word from certain people and I can lose a day, or a week, or longer, because my spirit is crushed and I once again feel every bit of my unworthiness. So this post is for me.

We all have our crosses to bear, but it’s wonderful to know that we don’t have to carry the weight alone. It’s awesome that we are not going to be judged by humans.

Do not let your past define you. Be strong and hold your head high. You are an overcomer and a survivor. Lean on those who fill you your bucket. Walk away from the rest.

Hold your head high & smile like a llama.

this guy posed for me tonight at the county fair

Have a wonderful evening. Peace. ♥️


2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Past Define You

  1. I believe I’ve told you about my past. Strange as it was, it’s actually very normal today. I still struggle with it.. I still feel weird. The past can be a shadow that looms for x amount of years.

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