Johnny Cash

Two days ago, my boss, Keith, came into the office with blood all over his arm. I gave him a concerned gasp when I saw it. He said, “Don’t worry, it’s not mine.” Well, that certainly didn’t make me feel any better. Especially since he was smiling and seemed to be quite happy. What did you do?? LOL

Keith explained that he was driving when he saw something tiny in the road. He stopped and saw it was an injured kitten. He also noticed that his sibling was deceased. So Keith picked him up before the next vehicle, which was huge truck, ended his life. He took him to the vet where they were checking him out. Keith said he would be needing to find a home for him. And then said, “Oh, by the way, his name is Cash.” The kitten was hit in front of a business called Cash. My heart melted. My boss is the best.

He got good reports from the vet throughout the day. The kitten was kept overnight. Yesterday, we had our company staff meeting and my boss announced right off that he needed to find home. I spoke up first. Keith renamed him Johnny Cash after finding out he was male. Dressed in his black coat like Johnny, it was perfect.

After the meeting, I stopped at the store and picked up all the supplies I’d need for this little guy. Then I went to the vet. I got all teared up when they brought him out to me. He was so tiny. They believe him to be about six weeks old. How he survived getting hit by a car with only a little limp and a tiny cut is a miracle. My gracious, animal-loving boss is picking up all his bills. Even his first shots and neutering.

Cash was a little talker for sure. All the vet techs had fallen in love with him. As I drove home with him snuggled up by my collar bone he talked for a bit and then found comfort in my hair. He even started to purr.

I didn’t go straight home. I pulled off by a park and bonded with him a little more before taking him home to the chaos. Namely, Nyx. When we got home he was behind me with his head resting on my shoulder. I told my daughter about the kitten the day of the accident. She sent me kitten memes all day. But yesterday morning I said I didn’t know that we should get him. Life is already stressful enough. So she basically thought the answer was no.

When she came out to greet me and saw his little face peering from behind, well…she melted too.

He’s a cuddly kitten and I hope he stays that way. Cats are different, you know. Typically, it’s their way or the highway.

My daughter is in love, and, so am I. His name has been changed to Frodo. I might secretly call him Cash. I like that name and I’m appreciative of all that my boss did for him.

Welcome home, little Frodo/ Cash. You’ve got eight lives left. Let’s make the best of them together as a family. ♥️


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