Down the Drain

I should have known. Actually, I did know. Today was destined to be a challenge.

It started when I fell back to sleep this morning after my alarm went off. That absolutely never happens. It continued on into the closet where I tried on a couple of outfits and nothing felt right. It was when I was everywhere that my umbrella wasn’t on this rainy day. Everything was just kinda hard. Really hard.

I listened to Glen Campbell on my way home, if that tells you anything. And I knew exactly what I was going to do when I got there. Wash this day down the drain.

And so I did…for the most part.

You see…there were pleasant moments sprinkled throughout my day. A picture a smoky Montana sky sent from a friend. Texts of encouragement. A nap in the park. A hug from a friend. So I didn’t wash it all away.

I took a long hot shower and washed my hair. Not sure what it is about clean legs and wet dog noses, but this time I didn’t care. Nyx was just so happy to have me home. It’s a great to be loved that much. Another pleasantry.

Even on the hard days you can find those little blessings. Focus on those and wash the rest down the drain.

Have a peaceful evening. Live in the moment, and don’t worry about tomorrow until it gets here. ♥️


Photos: a smoky Montana sky, courtesy of BB; Nyx, wanting to play

2 thoughts on “Down the Drain

  1. Pup Doggies are interested in humans…to the point of being obnoxious…but they love you.

    We all miss your little GS puppy…but he lives on over the Rainbow Bridge.

    Hug your other one. He deserves the love.

    Bruce & Carol

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