Me and My Husqvarna

I had no choice but to mow today. And I’m truly sorry. We’ve been getting so much rain lately and there was only this small window of opportunity.

Believe me….I try my hardest to avoid Saturday mowings. Today was really difficult. Not for me, no. For all the men in my neighborhood.

A few years back, when the news got out that my bright orange Husqvarna arrived, a couple of the neighborhood men came over to admire my new ride. We stood around in my garage talking mowers and drinking beer. Ahhhh, I felt like one of the guys.

Today, things are slightly different. When the men hear me start up my mower, they cringe. They find something else to do…like go to town. Or, go inside. And turn the music up. Loud. I’m quite sure I’m the talk of this little town as they recreate the noises they’ve heard and use mostly colorful words to describe the crazy woman with the wild hair riding the Husqvarna. And if we had a tavern here…yeah, I can only imagine.

As you recall, I had twelve trees taken down. No, they were dropped to the ground. Besides the trees damaging my yard, so did the equipment used to remove the larger portions of the trees. It was like a massive tree explosion when those babies fell. I have never in my life hated sticks so much as I do now. No matter how often you go out to pick them up, there are still more. And me and my Husqvarna find every one of them.

But we are trailblazers, me and my mower. We drive over and through it all. Massive mole hills, sticks, and even a few rocks here and there. There are holes in the yard where the trees speared the yard as they fell. I’ve tried to fill them in. But the dirt settles. And my blade catches them all.

I don’t know much about mowers except to put gas in them and check the oil periodically. I had the mower repair place pick it up in March to prepare it for the mowing season. I think my baby needs to go back sooner than later. I’m sure we need new blades.

To the men in neighborhood…you guys with the manicured lawns and your perfectly straight lines…I’m sorry. I mow in circles. I hit things. I make lots a loud noises. To you, I’m kinda what nightmares are made of. I try my hardest to mow when you all are at work. Just know that. I don’t purposely try to ruin your Saturday. We tried to make it quick today but we did have a few cringe moments. I can’t apologize enough.

I love my Husqvarna. He’s definitely been good to me even with all that I put him through. He’s resting now after quite an eventful mowing session.

I hope your weekend is going well. I’m absolutely sure it’s going better for you than those in close proximity to my newly mown lawn.

Smile and be happy! It could be worse. I could live next door to you!



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