Gifts From God

People come and go throughout our lifetime. Some are but acquaintances and stay for but a minute. While others remain for much longer periods of time.

I believe many people are strategically placed in our life for certain purposes. While all purposes vary, I believe that there are lessons presented in each. Some teach us self-control. Others give encouragement. Some teach us patience. Some fill our lives with fun and excitement. And then the greatest of all (which is really an assortment of those listed above) is love.

All of these people with their purposes, should be viewed as gifts. Gifts from God, because they are. People are. Even the difficult ones. They each teach us something of value; something we can take out into the world to help another who is struggling.

People are gifts even if they leave and take a piece of your heart with them. I have those who taught me much about life and living who have passed away. My divorced years have been filled with such heartache. Within one year, I lost the two closest people to me, my Mom, and my best friend, Chelle. Then I lost my beloved shepherd, Herc, last fall, and as you know, my dad passed away a couple of months ago. They each taught me a great many things. Yes, even Hercules. Hopefully, I gave enough of myself to them as well, and filled their lives with good things. They didn’t mean to leave me. They were called away.

Then there is a hurt that is difficult to comprehend. It’s the heartache of people leaving because they choose to leave. When we don’t understand the how or the why, our mind drowns in thoughts of I’m not enough, or I’m not good enough, or I have failed. It is impossible to find full and complete closure. There remains an open wound which will eventually become a scar upon your heart.

I’ve experienced all of these. In fact, my heart hurts now. A new circle of friends have been keeping me busy and they lift me up on my blue days – without even knowing what colored me blue. But even so, I long for what is lost, and I hope it will eventually return.

God is good. He knows exactly who we need and when. He provides in His perfect timing.

The storms have subsided here. The sun is brightly shining and is warming the earth again. A beautiful day to be alive.

View each other as gifts from God. Maybe with that mindset we can create a better world in which to live. ♥️


Photos: courtesy of my daughter, Charlie. Storm clouds moving in last night.

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