And the Earth Moved

Today we had an earthquake. 3.8 to be exact. Earthquakes are not felt here very often although minute seismic tremors happen more frequent than we realize.

You wouldn’t think that here in the Midwest you’d have to worry about earthquakes, but the “big” one could be just around the corner. I am not too far from the New Madrid fault line which actually has the potential of catastrophic earthquakes. Today, I watched my computer monitors shake and I felt the earth move up through my chair. I yelled to my coworkers, “Hey, that was a big one!” – thinking it was coming from the quarry. It wasn’t until my friends began receiving text messages (did you feel that?) did we realize it was a quake.

So the earth moved. It moves every day…somewhere. Today it was here. When nature is powerful enough to move the plates of the earth, we should be humbled. We are not in control of everything.

It gives one something to think about. It’s certainly a reality check of how small we are in the scheme of things, and just how much greater God is. Who do we run in times of trouble and fear?

Just something more to ponder on this beautiful day.

Trust God. ♥️


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