The Year of the Cicada

Another wonder of our world is the seventeen year cicada. These guys have been underground just shy of two decades, maturing, and dreaming of life above ground.

I went out to mow and discovered these guys all over the ground in different stages of maturation. Some were able to fly away when I kicked up grass around them. Mostly they were just drying their new wings. They leave behind their shed exoskeleton that is no longer a good fit.

Soon you will hear them endlessly as they search for a mate. Or, two or three. Or, a bazillion. But that’s their goal in life above ground. Love….😁

Seventeen years. A lot of life has happened since they last went underground. I wonder if they notice the changes in our world. But maybe they are just too busy trying to make sure their species survives another 17 years.

I hope you enjoy my pictures of one of God’s fascinating wonders of the world. ♥️


7 thoughts on “The Year of the Cicada

  1. I hate to go our during this time. I remember as a kid the snow plows going up and down the street to clear them up. They were, what seemed to me, 6 inches deep. 😬

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    1. I have been super busy. Working full time and trying to get things taken care of here before our trip. Had my tired balanced and rotated. Had to trim trees and mow yard tonight, plus clean my car out. I’m exhausted and should be packing. Work tomorrow too. I’m old….

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