The Blessing of Being a Woman

I watched a video of a mother in the hospital room with her daughter who had just given birth. Little did the new grandma know was that her daughter kept a secret from her. She gave birth to twins. Grandma was loving on baby number one when the second one was handed to her. She so overwhelmed with love. This video made me cry. The joy in the new mom’s face for surprising her mother. The tears of the new grandma who was doubly blessed. The excitement of the person peeking from behind the curtain waiting to bring out baby number two. What love filled that room.

You’ve heard the saying, “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”. Yes, there’s humor in that but even as a woman, I disagree with it. Life isn’t about me. Well, not just about me. It’s about living for others. Giving, loving, receiving…love is a continuous circle. Or, should be. Giving, loving, receiving. Giving, loving, receiving…

Today is Mother’s Day. I could look back and tell you all the ways I’ve failed as a mom. Not today. My love for my kids is genuine. I did what I could throughout their lives to express that special love to them. That expression of love varied with every situation I was in or going through, but the depth of my love can never be denied.

Being a woman doesn’t mean you can’t get dirty!

My children make me feel special. They love surprising me on special days and on off days too. I know how that grandma in the video felt holding that new life. I experienced new life six times with children of my own. And then the grandchildren started coming. I remember how honored I was to go with my son and his wife to the doctor’s office to reveal the sex of their second child. At the moment the nurse said we were having a boy my heart leaped for joy. I was already madly in love with little Jack.

My family is growing ♥️

When I watch the love between my children and their spouses I cannot help but feel overwhelmed with thankfulness and yes, pride. Watching their families grow overflows my cup even more. There is so much love and excitement packed into being a mom, mother-in-law, and grandma.

While I’m no longer a wife that desire is there. I still have so much to give. It’s amazing how God opens the heart to love more and more. Just when you think couldn’t possibly love more, or love again, He shows you that you can.

My heart just wants to burst at times…

If you love a good woman, as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, lover, or friend, your life will be blessed beyond measure. God describes the beauty of having a good woman in your life. It’s not external beauty that matters. It’s her heart. She will offer you strength, support, compassion, and love. A good woman fills in all the empty gaps in your life. When I die, even with all the wrong I’ve ever said or done, I hope it can be said that I was a good woman and that my heart loved deeply and fully, and that I filled in many gaps.

Proverbs 31:25
Strength and dignity are her clothing,
And she smiles at the future.

Watching new relationships bloom is awesome.

I am blessed with being honored today as a mom. I am blessed everyday by simply being a woman. Womanhood is my God-ordained place in this world and I accept it whole heartedly. I love the my view from here. Raising children, listening to their dreams, exploring the world on their own, starting their own families, watching them figure life out with an energy I once had…it’s all exciting to me.

Having friendships and dreams as a woman, oh…I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love who I am as a woman and everyday I try to improve and become even “gooder “ as my little ones would have said so many years ago.

Sisterly love

Women are remarkable in that they are strong yet there is a soft, delicate side with an overwhelming desire to be loved. It’s a special mechanism that is built in and can’t be removed. It’s not like a battery pack that can be taken out if you want her to stop. Every woman wants to be someone’s princess. I have three daughters of my own who embrace the same Cinderella heart as mine. And that is okay with me.

Love the women in your life. Honor moms today, and everyday. They are so important in God’s plan and design. I cherish all the women in my life. They are all very different but beautiful in their own way, and each add something special to my life.

Happy Mother’s Day to friends, my family, to my readers, and to my own greatly missed mother. She was a beautiful woman who taught me great things. Especially how to be kind. ♥️


Hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite pictures from over the years. 😊

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