The earth is awakening. All of nature rejoices, and each in its own way whether in song, in color, or by way of scent.

Even on this scary, uncharted path the world is currently walking, spring has come. It doesn’t sense the wickedness, anger, hatred, or sadness that we are experiencing all around us. No, it comes to us, adorned in glory and praising God.

Spring doesn’t worry. It isn’t concerned if the weatherman says it’s going to be a dry or extremely wet season. If it did listen to the weather report, then it would be concerned. But spring doesn’t listen to anyone but it’s Creator, and our God.

I’ve always said you can learn much from our children, but nature has much to teach us as well. Take a break today. Go outside and look closely at all the new growth. Touch it. Be thankful for it. And realize it listens to no one, but God. ♥️


PHOTOS: Yesterday I went to the park for lunch and took these pictures. 04/28/2021

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