A Broken Record

Kids nowadays can’t really grasp the whole concept of a broken record. I do see that LP’s are making a comeback but I think mostly music is purchased from iTunes or Spotify, or whatever. Me…I’d love to have a turntable again for my small collection of vinyl.


I remember we kids would tussle in the living room when Mom and Dad were playing music. Once in awhile, we’d land on the floor a little too hard and the record would skip. And then there were times when the record somehow got scratches on it and the needle of the phonograph would get stuck there and play the same couple of words over and over again until someone manually fixed it.

Well life can be like a broken record. It gets stuck in a rut and cannot move past it without help. Just like what I wrote in my last post, I was stuck. I couldn’t get myself out on my own. I needed the help of God.

The same as with a broken record, I probably repeat my posts over and over and over again. But that’s kinda how life is. Not exactly like the movie “Groundhog Day”, but close. Life cycles. Issues cycle. Seasons cycle. And so do my posts.


It’s okay to get stuck once in awhile. We need God to lift the needle out of the scratch and place it on a smooth portion of the vinyl. Then the music can play once again. Friends and family often help me as well. We need each other to lift us periodically.

Hopefully today you’re playing your own sweet music without interruption. But should you hit a rough patch don’t be afraid to ask for help. God will adjust that needle for you. ♥️


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