Determination Behind the Dream..

…is key.

I created this quote with my very first blog. I was inspired after I climbed to the top of Mt. Sargent, 9 1/2 months after my hip replacement. Prior to the surgery, I spent a couple of years in debilitating pain, of which the last several months I walked with a cane…barely. At that point in my life, I never thought I’d climb a mountain again, much less walk. Determination fuels the dream. Whatever your dream may be.

Sometimes though, my determination gets all jumbled up because it is so intertwined with emotion that I can’t move forward. Mostly, because of fear. Fear that I will make another wrong decision. Fear that I can’t. Just plain fear. So I don’t. I talk the talk, but often can’t walk the walk. Sometimes I wear concrete shoes.

I’m certainly not in my comfort zone when I dream BIG. I admit that. But to be quite frank with you…I am just plain ole scared to make these big decisions by myself. I’m afraid of failure. And I’m afraid of change even though I desire it.

My determination is sometimes hampered by the vastness of the sea and the darkness of the clouds.

Diligently work toward making your dreams reality. Focus, plan, and work hard…but take a step back to catch your breath if you need to. It’s okay. Your dream, your timetable. Unlike fairytales, dreams don’t just magically come true. Not usually, anyway. Just do better than me and drop the weight of fear from around your ankles. Otherwise, a dream will remain just a dream.

~The sea isn’t always scary.~

Determination Behind the Dream is Key. ♥️


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