A Response

Below is an edited response to a reader that explains a little of my wishes/ goals/ purpose here on coffeewithandi.

I share what I can in a way I feel might help others. It’s a tricky, slippery slope but I do the best I can while trying to balance how much or how little to share. That is sometimes a fine line. I’ve shared too much at times and not enough at others. It is tricky. I want my blog to be centered around hope and inspiration through real-life issues. Usually my real-life issues. Even if I sound to be in a place of desperation, I don’t desire pity. I desire connection. I offer strength in the knowledge that we are not alone with the feelings we have. It is my wish that maybe a single sentence will stand out among the others…enough so that it helps you to sort things out in your own life. We all have ups and downs, highs and lows. The only difference is I share mine in written form. And in public. 🙂

Enjoy your day. ♥️


11 thoughts on “A Response

      1. For some reason I think I either offend you or something with my comments.

        If I do I apologize. If not, it’s my insecurities and just disregard 👍


  1. After thinking about this post, I think that sometimes you need to be there for your followers. And sometimes (like now) your followers should be there for you.

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