Tree Hugger

It’s been over three weeks since my last blog. I haven’t felt the slightest urge to write until now which is quite odd for me. But then, what about this year hasn’t been odd.

As we sit here on pins and needles waiting to see who has been elected (or re-elected) president, Covid has taken a back seat. Sort of. Mask wearing is wearing thin. And it’s really hard to remember what the good ole’ days felt like. You know…2019 and before.

I look in the mirror, and wow…what has happened to me? My age is really showing its age. To me, my 59 years looks 70…ish. We’ve lived a lot of life these past few months. And it shows. We’ve stormed through trials that we never imagined we’d ever experience. Things only seen in a creepy sci-fi film or read in a suspenseful, fictional novel. Only now it’s not so fictional.

We used to be able to look ahead and have somewhat of an idea of what to expect in our life. Now I wonder what changes have taken place during my few short hours of sleep at night. It truly is day-by-day living.

As I write this, I am filled with sadness as my once beautiful, bird-filled trees were laid down to rest yesterday. Their time was cut short. The ash borer made sure of that. It’s been a hard year of many changes.



But I remember the love in this year as well. The residents where I worked still fill my heart even though I’ve been gone for a month and a half now. Hercules, my German shepherd, taught me about selflessness and unconditional love. The love for my children has grown as I watch them maneuver as adults through their own trials and struggles of this year. They are so strong. And so smart. The mutual love and support of friends is even more precious to me now. And the love of God is ever present in my life as well. Blessings abound.

I think again about my twelve trees and how they housed generations of birds and squirrels, the continual growing and shedding of leaves, the shade given on hot days, and the soothing sound of the winds rustling through them. When I would mow, I’d reach my hand out and touch the bark as I circled them. I admit I am a tree hugger. I’m thankful for them. And I’m sad to see them go.

Nothing is forever on this earth. The last few years have taught me that lesson very well. I encourage you to embrace every bit of life while you can. Especially through these difficult days. Feel the bark beneath your hand as you circle each day. Become a life hugger.

A week before my best friend passed away, she gave me a necklace that reads “Live Life Full Circle”. We need to do that more. I need to do that.

As another day ends, I tend to ponder sensitive things. I will close my eyes tonight with thanksgiving in my heart for all that I am blessed with and for all the trials that strengthen me and (hopefully) make me a better person.

Be grateful for trees. ♥️



Photo credits: all mine.

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