The Heavens

As I get older, and especially through this past challenging summer, I have felt an even deeper appreciation for the sky and all it has to offer. It is ever-changing with its many moods. Depending on the day, the sky can vary in every shade of blue found within the color spectrum. I often find autumn skies to be my favorite hue of blue.

The wind constantly adds direction and shape to the cloud formations. Moisture and temperature in the atmosphere help to dictate the type of clouds we will have that day. Some days the sky is a radiant blue, and cloudless, while on others, the it is hidden by the heaviness of darkened, but still very beautiful, clouds.

Sunrises and sunsets wish us good morning and goodnight, often filling the sky with an assortment of color and design. And the heavens in nighttime are no less amazing. The full moons, blue moons, super moons, and every moon in-between, add an essence of romance to a starlit sky and shadowy earth.

I simply love the heavens with all that is visible, but like the vastness and depth of an ocean, or of the mighty Great Lakes, there’s an intriguing mystery of what is beyond and unseen.

Be grateful for the heavens and that everyday is unique in design. ♥️


Photos: same day, same sky, October 1, 2020

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