A Fork in the Road

Everyone travels a path, or two (or many), that comes to a fork in the road. It’s a part of life. We all have decisions to make. Fairly simple decisions or decisions that can be life changing. I’ve written recently about the many forks in my road. Handing my difficulties over to Jesus is hard for me as I want to prove I am a big girl and can stand on my own. But realistically, I cannot. I will add that this is not a sign of weakness. Giving to the Lord is actually brave. When you can tell God all the heaviness in your heart, He will pull you close…if you let Him. This is what He desires as He wants to be your everything. It is brave to allow Him to do this for you and for you to trust Him.

A fork generally means a change of some sort. It could mean a new door has opened to walk through. A new job, a new opportunity, to relocate, lifestyle changes, or a relationship, etc. While other times it’s about closing a door and letting go. I’m not so good with either of these. I admit I’m a work in progress. The fork could also be an indication that something is needed, such as more faith, trust, and patience.

I think when we reach a fork in the road we pretty much know what is required of us, but we are afraid to move. Ask God to give you wisdom, along with strength to open or close the door, and also for growth in your spiritual life.

Today I feel strong. Today I see and feel the possibilities. Today I see a fork narrowing into one. Today I am thankful for direction that seems to be appearing.

Not all are narrowing as I seem to be traveling on many paths. Still I am thankful. Maybe He knows I cannot handle it all at once. And that’s okay. I will focus on what lies directly in front of me. One day at a time. One step at a time.

As you walk your path, pray for guidance and direction daily instead of getting to a fork in the road and then turning on the prayer line. (Like I typically do.) It will save you heartache, sadness, and frustration.

I wish you peace on your walk and that you remember to lean on Jesus.

Be grateful. ♥️


Photos: Jamaican flowers and pathways, August 2016

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