If nothing ever changed…

…there would be no butterflies.

Change means something different to every person. And it is different. We are unique in every way, therefore; change will be unique and specific to each of us. We’ve gotten to this place, the here and the now, through constant phases of change. And we should welcome this process of personal transformation.

Unlike a chrysalis, often our cocoon gets to feeling pretty tight because we don’t want to change. So we squirm around inside trying to fit but it’s just not comfortable anymore. Unless we change and break free, we will remain restless, frustrated, unhappy, and less productive. It’s in our best interest to accept change, as it is inevitable, and emerge a better person than who we were yesterday.

Change is hard for me in many ways. I don’t want to let go of people I love or precious times, like when my children were small, or even when I was growing up. So many memories that I wish I was still living. That’s me. Weird, huh? But I do know that I am a diamond in the rough (or maybe an emerald) and I need a great deal of self-improvement. Self-improvement comes with change.

Influences of change vary. Circumstance, Biblical teaching to become more Christ-like, life-altering events such as marriage, divorce, birth, and death, are just a few of the many influences in our lives. We are also greatly influenced by our ever-changing world. Hopefully, for the better.

Sometimes, though, all it takes is for one individual to take an interest in you and your life. One person to guide you through tough changes. Changes you can’t quite manage on your own. Someone special who doesn’t condemn you for your weaknesses, or your less-than-perfect past, but sees the potential to rise above them. One who subtly nudges you in the right direction and praises your accomplishments no matter how great, or how small. A person of this caliber is one to be treasured. Keep them in your life.

Change can be beautiful. Embrace it.

Be as grateful for change as a butterfly.♥️


Photos: a butterfly on my flowerpot, July 20, 2020; my desk lamp

One thought on “If nothing ever changed…

  1. Change may not seem to be the best thing for us at the time but like the butterfly, we understand the importance after time.


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