Tim Cotton

Way back in January, I started writing this blog. It’s hard to believe I’ve been blessed with seven months of writing these posts. You have no idea how much I love to write. This has been a great release for me.

In my first blog I talked about Tim Cotton, a detective with the Bangor Maine Police Department. I had the privilege to meet him last October. Tim is/was the only person on my Bucket List.✔️And, I met the “marginally famous” (Tim’s words) Duck of Justice, the only taxidermy-ed animal on my Bucket List.✔️

Tim is a very humble, down-to-earth human being. His writings are humorous, heartfelt, informative, and reminiscent. He easily makes thoughtful connections between himself and his readers. Tim is on FaceBook where you can find him at “Tim Cotton” and also on the “Bangor Maine Police Department“ page. I’m no longer on Facebook and I miss his early morning writings. It was a great way to start my day. Oh, and Tim also has podcasts.

Tim just released his first book, The Detective in the Dooryard. I say that because I’m confident he has another book just waiting to be written. He may disagree, but I know what it’s like to write. There’s just always more. So, Tim, never say never.

I just received his book yesterday so I haven’t had a chance to start reading it, but I’m confident that I won’t be disappointed.

Check Tim out on FaceBook or take a leap of faith on my recommendation and purchase his book. Grab a cup of coffee and settle into a comfy chair and be prepared to be entertained by Tim Cotton. I ordered his book on Amazon. You can also find it at Barnes and Noble, where I see it’s already received ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I’m not the least bit surprised.

Here’s a “shout out” to Tim on his wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations!


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