Almost a decade ago, I had a Calla Lily. Her life was relatively short , but she had the most beautiful blooms during her best days. I named her Penny.

I have dracaena marginata. Commonly known as the multicolored Madagascar dragon tree. I’ve had this tree since the early 2000’s. It sat quietly in our lofty classroom and listened to our daily school routines and antics. If only it could talk. One day there may be a fight over this beautiful, nameless tree.

As my dragon tree grew, I would have to repot into a larger container. I used new dirt and dirt I had in other plant-less pots. Time went on. A divorce happened, and my dragon tree and I, along with a couple of kids, and two dogs, moved to a new home.

I now have a sweet little sunroom where plants flourish. The dragon tree has been repotted about three times in seven years. Everything is happy.

Then one day I noticed something in the pot with my dragon tree. I looked closely and there was Penny. Penny was growing right alongside of my tree. I thought I had removed all of the bulbs and roots from the dirt long ago, but apparently not all of them.

So Penny shows up every once in awhile in all her glory. Her leaves grow big and tall, but there are never any blooms. The leaves stay for awhile then die only for them to pop back up again a few months later. This time her leaves are taller and larger than ever. These two plants are the oldest plants I have. Penny, though, was a tagalong…and a welcomed surprise.

I suppose I could give Penny her own pot but she seems quite happy to live with the dragon tree. Well, except that she doesn’t bloom. I’m not sure why. Her leaves though are gorgeous and amazingly tall. And the dragon tree seems to approve of sharing his pot with her.

Just a happy sunroom moment. I’m sure there’s a lesson in here somewhere, like the innate will to survive, or not wanting to be left behind, or you are beautiful with or without blooms. You use whatever works.

I hope you are enjoying this sunny Friday. Be safe this holiday weekend. Remember what the War of Independence meant to us as a country…and be grateful. ♥️🇺🇸


Photos: top two, Penny, May 2012; middle two, my Madagascar dragon tree with his friend, Penny, July 3, 2020; last, Penny’s overly large, but lovely leaves, July 3, 2020

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