My Muse

Muse (n.) a person or spirit that gives a writer, painter, artist, etc. ideas and the desire to create things.

I started to write in the eighth grade. I wrote for a couple of years in school, and then as an adult, I submitted writings to “Letters to the Editor” in various newspapers, mostly on controversial issues, and I wrote our annual family Christmas letter. I just dabbled here and there. I started a children’s story but didn’t finish it. I wrote poetry. Most of which I didn’t keep. When I had an issue with one of the kids I’d write them a letter. I feel I communicate better through the written word than verbally. Oh, and I once had my own column in a newspaper for awhile. My passion is in writing. I love it. It’s always been there. I just didn’t know how to channel it. I didn’t know what to do with it. And then I found my muse and it all came together.

A muse, according to definition, can be a person or a spirit that inspires you to create. I’m not sure I would use the word spirit though. It doesn’t sit well with me as the term spirit is big and broad and not always good. Unless your muse is God. He is spiritual and His love alone is inspiration to do great things. He’s more inspirational than anyone or anything as He is the Creator of it all.

I used to write political posts on FaceBook but that only got me in trouble. Out of frustration, I pretty much stopped writing altogether. My muse helped to bring to the surface that which I had buried deep inside. It opened me up to see life anew. So I returned to writing posts on FaceBook, but differently. I began to write inspiring thoughts. I was more positive and uplifting which made me feel better as a person. I made a connection with the hearts of people instead of making enemies through political arguments. Then I started to receive messages and comments that my posts were actually helping others, along with sweet notes of encouragement for me to continue to write. This made me very happy. I realized then that I had much more to say and since I’m not the biggest fan of FaceBook, my kids encouraged me to start a blog, which truthfully, scared me. But I did it. And here I am.

It is possible to lose your muse if your muse is a person. That’s just a reality in the human world. But don’t let that stop you from feeling what was presented to you. A muse brings with it a very positive, deep emotion; a connection between you both. Once it awakens your senses and revives your soul, stay there. Don’t allow yourself close again. Remember what it’s like to be open; to be able to see and feel and explore and create, like a child when life is brand new. Focus on the possibilities. Just don’t quit.

My muse ignites a light in me. My muse opens up my heart and mind to think about things with a deeper appreciation, makes me wonder like a child, causes me to embrace life a littler closer, and love a little deeper.

I won’t share who or what my muse is because I am afraid that it would spoil the magic. ✨ But I am grateful for my muse. If you have a muse who steadies your hand as you paint, gives your mind new vision, and opens your heart to opportunity and creativity, embrace it. Whomever, or whatever, it is. And if your muse is human, they may not even be aware of their positive influence in your life unless you tell them. You might tell them.

Thank you for sitting with me for a bit. hope the coffee is good and your day even better.

Andi ♥️

Photos: Sand Beach, ME; Big Long Lake, IN (see the heart?); in my once-upon-a-time woods; me, on my porch swing 2019

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