Worth More in the Box

Birthdays and Christmas were big when the kids were young and still at home. Christmas was so much fun for this Mrs. Claus. I tried to get most everything, if not everything, on their wish list, or spelled out in detail in their letters to Santa. I have a couple of notebooks where I kept track of everything they received, including what was in their stocking, with all the dollar amount totals. It’s how I kept track of every person we bought for, for every Christmas. I think I did a good job balancing it all out. And Christmas was magical.

The only gift I think that maybe was a flop was a go-kart for my two oldest boys. (Really there’s no thinking about it as it still comes up in conversation. It was.) My now-ex, had someone build it and asked me what color we should paint it. We knew we wanted a neon color. Something bright and fun. To this day I do not know what I was thinking as I chose hot neon pink for my sons’ go-kart. So that’s what it was painted. I’m so sorry, boys. It was a little humiliating. Okay. A lot humiliating. I’m just glad we lived pretty much in the middle of nowhere. (Insert cheesy smile.)

Many times the kids would receive gifts that could possibly become collectors items years down the road. My now-ex would tell the children it’s worth more in the box. So my kids would immediately proceed to destroy the box to get the toy out and play with it. Yeah, they were rebellious like that.

When you think of all the things we subconsciously, or consciously, set aside to save for that perfect time, like an antique set of China, maybe a beautiful necklace or earrings, a shirt, a nice pair of boots, perfume, or a sweet little nightie, it adds up to many things that are only sporadically enjoyed, if ever. My question is why do we leave them in the box, the top drawer of the dresser, in the back of the closet, or in the bottom of the hutch? In the long run, are these things really worth more by using less or admiring from the box on a shelf?

Everyday is a gift. Unwrap it and enjoy every bit of it. Don’t put things away only to be used for a moment seven months from now. Use it today and enjoy it. Get that China out when you have that weeny roast. Well, maybe not that. But make it a point to use it for Sunday meals instead of only Thanksgiving or Christmas. If a plate gets broke, it gets broke. In the scheme of things, it’s just a plate. The time together is the real gift.

Last week a man passed away suddenly and way too soon. My best friend passed away at 54. We don’t know if we have a tomorrow or a next day. We don’t even know if we will make it home tonight to sleep in our bed. I say use that perfume. Buy those flowers. Open that bottle of wine. Wear that shirt. Open that box. Don’t wait for certain moments to be special. Make every moment special. Truly, nothing is worth more left in the box. The value is in today.

I would never take back a single moment of watching my kids tear up a box of a possible collectors item. No amount of money can replace the joy on their faces as they opened their gifts or of the sweet memories of Christmases long ago.

Cherish every moment. Make them as special as you can. It’s all we truly have.

Thanks for the coffee time this morning. I appreciate all the moments I am able spend with you.

Have a blessed day and always be grateful. ♥️


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