I am fortunate to have a nest of baby robins next to my front porch. I sit on my rustic red glider and watch the parents take turns in bringing food home to their four little ones. They are quite homely children with mouths that are disproportionately large for their little bodies. And faces that only their parents could love, but I appreciate.

I spend a lot of time on my porch thinking about many things but today I am admiring this little bird family. The parents work as a unit, tirelessly, all day long for the survival of their family. The little birds’ eyes are not open yet but whenever they feel the movement of branches, they stretch their necks out and open their oversized beaks to accept food from mom and dad.

While watching my bird family, I recall the other day at work when I noticed a broken blue egg under a tree. I wondered if a storm disturbed the nest and the egg fell out or if it had hatched. If an egg breaks prematurely we might think how sad that a little bird died. This made me think of other baby animals that died too soon, and my mind slipped back in time to the early ‘70’s.

We had a small dog named Heidi and she had an unplanned pregnancy. We discovered she was having difficulties when she was ready to deliver and we had to take her to the veterinarian. The doctor performed surgery as the puppy was just too large for Heidi to birth on her own. During the surgery it was discovered that there were actually two pups. The second one didn’t survive in utero. It was all white and much smaller as its lifeline was cut off by its larger brother. But….we still called it a puppy even though it wasn’t born alive. And we were sad that it didn’t survive.

Then I started thinking a little deeper….this is how my mind rolls.

When cruel people discard bags filled with puppies or kittens, our hearts break and we get mad, as we should. Abuse of animals should not be tolerated. We now have laws that make animal cruelty a felony. We have laws that protect caterpillars, eagles, and sea turtles, just to name a few. But I wonder why human life is regarded much less than any of these.

Granted, birds and animals mate for procreation. Human sexuality is designed by God for procreation and pleasure. The latter though comes with great responsibility. Momma bird has this innate wisdom of motherhood that life continues through her body. And she graciously accepts that. She knows that she is the vessel designed to carry life, a life completely separate from hers. Humans should understand and accept the same.

Just as we refer to the unborn of a dog as a puppy, or a kitten to a cat, an unborn human is a baby even though we try our hardest to dehumanize it by using scientific terms. When abortion is being considered, the term fetus severs the attachment to human life. When a woman visits her doctor for her monthly prenatal checkups, neither she or her doctor refer to her child as a fetus. They refer to the life within her, no matter what stage of development, as a baby. This denotes attachment to human life.

Why do we have such a difficult time understanding that human life is more sacred than those of the animal kingdom? How can we willingly remove life from a woman and be fine with that, yet we cry over a stillborn pup, a commercial about abused animals, and a broken robin’s egg? How are we not held accountable for taking a human life yet charged with a felony for an abuse of an animal? Abortion procedures are barbaric. If those procedures were performed on an animal, people would be livid. Where is the logic in this? Where is the heart for human life?

I watch my robin’s nest and rejoice in the fact that they work as designed by God. I wish the human race was just half as wise as a robin.

Thanks for stopping by for coffee today. You may or may not agree with my thoughts here, regardless, I wish you a wonderful day filled with love, beauty, and happiness. And robins.

I’m grateful for you. ♥️


Photos: my baby robins 😍

4 thoughts on “Life…

  1. Such a beautiful post & with Godly reasoning. We need to hear more from people who can reason and present a Godly influence. You are blessed…and I’m so blessed by your writing ❤️


  2. Thank you, Michele. ♥️
    I appreciate your comment very much. When we keep things in perspective, we see truth. Again, thank you for your comments, and for reading my blog. -Andi ♥️


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