The Ant

On my day off, I did my best to relax and just enjoy the quiet. I was outdoors most of the day, mowing, trimming bushes, and just lounging around.

I was lying face down on a lounging chair just staring at the deck when I saw a rather large black ant walking toward me. I’ve been having an issue with big black ants inside my house. I worry that carpenter ants are chewing up my home. So with that thought I smashed the ant with my fist. As soon as I hit him, I felt ashamed. And I wondered why I did this. He was, after all, outside and not in my home. Ants are hard workers and he was just doing his job.

This ant was dead, or so I thought. His abdomen was very smashed, with a clear liquid draining from his body, and he kinda rolled up into a ball. I felt sad that I took a life. Well, he must have needed to take a moment because he gradually tried to right himself. He took his time as though he was evaluating the damage I had caused. Finally, he stood as tall as he could and began to walk in the same direction as when I abruptly stopped him. His backend was dragging as well as his two back legs, but he kept going. He continued on his mission, peeking in-between the slates of the decking, just as he was doing prior to the smashing. He fell into one of the openings, and I believed he was gone for good. But no. This ant was tough. He was resilient. He was the super hero of the ant kingdom. He pulled himself back up and out even though his body was greatly damaged. He didn’t give up. Do ants feel pain? I do not know. But my heart hurt that I caused such injury. After a bit he finally turned around and headed back in the direction he came from. Did he realize that he could no longer do his job efficiently so he headed back home? Could his ant family mend him? Or would he become food for them? I don’t know. All I know is I felt terrible.

This ant didn’t give up even though his body was greatly damaged. Often, I have wanted to give up for lesser things.

This ant showed great perseverance. He was so dedicated to his assigned duty that he pushed through his injury and kept going. He was dedicated to his family too as he knew he was part of the chain of survival.

But then maybe he also knew when it was time to quit. How many times have I tried my hardest to make something work when realistically there was just no way possible it was ever going to? I would torment myself in the trying. I would feel guilty to even think about quitting. I pressured myself with what would others think? It was very difficult to make myself stop because, in my mind, it just had to work…or so I thought.

Yesterday I talked about making our surroundings smaller. I listed some suggestions on what we can do to accomplish that. I mentioned watching a bug because of this ant encounter. Sometimes the smallest things can teach us the greatest lessons. All we have to do is watch, listen, and pay attention.

Thank you for stopping by for some coffee time with me. I’m wishing you a great weekend. Try to find time to connect with nature. There’s much peace (and learning) in life’s simpler things.

Always be grateful. ♥️


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