Listen to Your Kids, LL #577

The Overcomer

big bloom, little Mikayla

Once upon a time a princess was born into a large family in rural Indiana. She was a happy baby and was doted upon by her four older siblings. Her eyes were a stunning green and her hair was the blondest you could ever imagine. She could have easily been called Snow White. But this little princess was named Mikayla.

Mikayla, with Thor

Mikayla was the baby of the family for six years. She was very quiet and she rarely cried during her first years. She was quite giggly and found humor in most everything. She did have a difficult time handing off the “baby of the family” title to the last child born into our family who was also a girl. And it was far more traumatic for her than I ever imagined.

When the princess was very young, it was quite evident that the she had a special way with animals. I remember when she was a toddler and we could not find her in the house. I glanced outside and saw her at the dog pen across the yard wearing only a diaper and little yellow rubber boots. The dogs were so happy to see her.

Mikayla and Amber

When the princess turned 12, she received her very own puppy, a golden retriever. She named her pup Amber. She taught Amber to do all sorts of tricks, and the two were, and still are, inseparable. It’s as though they share the same heart. Amber became her best friend.

Mikayla and Amber

Our home life got busier with homeschooling children in several grades. And while it certainly wasn’t intentional, somehow our princess got lost in the mix, and she became invisible.

Mikayla had a very close relationship with her brother, who was a year and a half older, but she became a shadow to her older sister. The princess longed to have the same attention. She was an excellent student. She worked hard to make the grades and to prove herself. She listened well and did most things asked of her, without complaint. Everyone adored this delightful little girl, but still, she felt invisible to those who meant the most to her. Her parents. Maybe it was because she never asked for anything, was quiet, and always appeared to be content. Regardless of how we look at it, this little girl believed she was invisible. She felt abandoned and replaced as the baby of our family too. We should have been more observant to what was happening and attentive to her specific needs.


As time went on, the princess grew up and became a most beautiful young woman. Mikayla still struggles with some insecurities and trust because of her early years but today she is one of the strongest women you will ever meet. She is strong in her convictions. She holds strong family values and morals. She is strong in the Lord. She is loyal and very loving. Mikayla has taught me so much about perseverance. She is an overcomer. An inspiration. My Life Lesson #577. Listen to what your kids are saying…specifically, the things they are not saying.

Let the past remain in the past. The transition from an invisible little princess named Mikayla to a lovely, young visible woman calls for a new name to reflect this new transformation. A name affectionately given to her, by me.

My sweet Charlie. ♥️

Here’s to new days with new beginnings. Thank you, Charlie, for showing me the strength in overcoming. I love you.

Thank you for sharing this life lesson with me. Some lessons aren’t always easy to acknowledge because they are often learned by mistakes made by us as parents. This one was especially painful for me because I realize just how much she hurt because she felt invisible to me, her own mother.

So…always be grateful for the little things. Especially for the little ones who call you mom. Or dad. ♥️


PS Charlie has become quite a writer and actually has a blog of her own. Creative writing often comes from the deepest recesses of the heart. She writes from there. It’s evident in her expression and the way her words flow effortlessly, like a cool mountain stream.

You might check out her blog:


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