Lately, this word is being tossed around a great deal. That along with quarantine. Two words that rarely touched our lips are now more popular than mac and cheese.

But this morning, I question the very definition of essential. Those who were essential last week have now been moved to nonessential. This makes me question who really is considered essential and who is not. And who makes this judgment call? I didn’t realize that “essentialality” (my new word), was purely regulated by others and not by need. I confess that I am both naive and gullible. And I am bitter this morning. Someone is still bringing home a handsome paycheck at the expense of others who do the work. Although hours are cut, many have the same workload, and still others are now unemployed. There are jobs that could be done, and should be done, but are now found to be nonessential. Ask the person who has heart disease, diabetes, or cancer and can’t get some of the treatments or surgeries they need. Now it comes down to who is nonessential and who is expendable.

Strange things are happening in our world. Things are very much out of whack and without rhyme or reason. We need to start questioning everything presented to us and get out of the Simon says, “jump” mentality. We aren’t circus animals either.

I would apologize for my rant this morning, but I’m not sorry. Watching our country deteriorate should make all of us angry. It should touch our heart and soul. This is our home. We have a responsibility to do the research ourselves and question every single recommendation and policy that is thrown our way. We do have minds, you know? Let’s use them.

I know this situation is new to us and it’s kind of a trial and error thing, but it’s gone on long enough and we need to start fixing things. Essential people should still be essential. And frankly, we are ALL essential. Every single one of us. The US is our home and we all have our own chores to do to keep our household running smoothly. That’s how I look at it.

You can agree with me or not. It’s okay. I don’t pretend to be smart. I don’t pretend to have the answers or the know-how. I am just calling it as I see it.

Find a way to smile today. I will. Be kind and loving. I’m going to rid myself of the bitterness I woke up with this morning. Writing this blog has certainly helped. Being bitter solves nothing.

Drinking coffee is essential to the start of my day. Thanks for joining me. 😊

Always be grateful, even in these complicated, unfair, and confusing times. ♥️


here’s a beautiful smile for you
(Photo courtesy of Charlie)

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