Get Off the Road

I wrote this late last year. Of course, I added a little more to it this morning. It is my hope that you will discover beauty in places that you’ve overlooked or never considered. It’s well worth your time. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s get off the road for a bit.

off the road

December 29, 2019

Today I did some thinking as I drove around south central Indiana. Actually, I started this particular thought on my hike up Sargent Mountain in Maine a couple of months ago.

view from my bedroom window

I was fortunate to have a view of the mountain range in Acadia from my bedroom window at Greg and Karen’s place in Trenton, ME. It is a beautiful view. The mountains appear to be linked together and are dark against the horizon. Anyone can drive by the mountains and admire their beauty from the road. From there, the mountains appear green most of the year, but in autumn, intense colors of yellows, red, and orange spread through them like wildfire. That is a sight you do not want to miss. But the magic is found off the road and inside the canopy of trees. There, as Karen and I hiked up to the top of Sargent Mountain, everything became just that…magical. There were numerous little waterfalls. Century old bridges. Beautiful trees. Rock formations. Root-ridden pathways. Wonderful woodsy smells. Leaves. Rocks. Pine cones. So many treasures. It’s no wonder it took us so long to forage to the top. I was busy exploring and taking pictures and breathing the air…and living. Had I viewed the mountain from the road only, I would have missed the best secrets of the mountain. My advice: Get off the road.

heading up Sargent Mt.

Today, I drove to Nashville with two of my daughters. I could have just stayed on main highways as I drove to and from Nashville, but I decided, at the last minute, to get off main roads and drive to Lake Lemon. We saw lovely log cabins and other beautiful homes, barns, and hills and ponds along the way. Even on a dreary day in December there was beauty all around. Lake Lemon did not disappoint either. The lake is hidden from the main roadways. If I hadn’t seen the road signs that pointed in its direction, and gotten off the main roads, I’d have missed Lake Lemon and it’s beautiful views. My advice: Get off the road.

You might also consider attempting new and challenging, creative projects. Something different from your typical norm. Maybe even start mapping out those plans to make a dream a reality. Just get off the road you are on. I’m not suggesting that you get off the moral path, the godly path, but off that main road you are traveling. The one that is symbolic of your life. The one that you find to be safe, comfortable, and familiar. Widen your world. Explore new territory.

(unknown origin)

Find the magic outside of the lines drawn on the road. There is an amazing world just waiting to explored.

Thanks for stopping by to visit me. You are welcome to invite others to visit as well. Just tell them I’m off the main road. 😊

Be grateful. ♥️


Cataract Falls, upper
November 2019

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