Not Made of Steel

a beautiful bouquet I arranged for the table

This year started on a very good note for me. I felt good. I started full time at work. I had dreams and goals to reach this year. Then I got really sick five weeks ago. Covid-19 showed up during my sickness and the whole world, came to a screeching halt. So the things I had planned for this year may not happen at all.

I spend a lot of time writing. Sadly, this sheltering-in-place has dampened my desire to write somewhat. Hence, the five day lapse since my last blog. I still scribble out posts on FaceBook every once in awhile. Not as frequent though since I started writing this blog earlier this year. Through my writing, I do try to help you. I want to lift up, strengthen, and teach the hard lessons I’ve learned. It’s my desire for you to dream again and set goals. I want you to look farther and deeper than how you’ve been currently. I want to be a positive feed in your life. It’s my wish to reflect, inspire, and show my gratitude for the life I have. I’ve had people tell me that the things I write have helped them in some way. I’ve also had people say I am a “such strong woman”.

Well, let me say that when I write, I write first, and foremost, to myself. Writing helps me to sort out my thoughts and put things into proper perspective. I discover a great deal about myself by writing to you, by being positive, and acknowledging there is a lesson to learn in everything. And although I may come across as being a strong woman, I am not made of steel.

I am a single woman trying to make it is this world. Starting over in my 50’s has been anything but easy. I breakdown with the same concerns as you. I have meltdowns. I have bouts of emotional eating. I suffer heartbreak. I get angry. I feel alone. I panic. I fear. I get depressed. I cry. (A lot.) I worry. I fall down. I get up. I grieve. I raise my voice. Sometimes, I even want to say bad words. I want to quit one day and fly the next. I have the same type of problems as you.

Know that I will continue to share my dreams, inspirations, and lessons with you, but I will also share my humanness through my faults and shortcomings. Please don’t think that I view humanness as a weakness. I do not. Well…not totally. But that’s another blog for another day. Just remember that I am not greater than you, nor am I less. We are on an equal plane. And I am not made of steel.

Thank you for believing in me enough to come back. I appreciate your time greatly because I know there are so many other worthwhile things or people to spend it on.

Thanks also for sharing coffee with me. Be well. Be safe. Be grateful, ♥️


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