Stranger in the Window Seat

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that was so strange it gave you a weird pain in your chest? Chills, too? I have, and not so long ago.

This is conversation took place on my flight home from Maine. I flew from Bangor to DC, then DC to Indianapolis. 

American Airlines

October 12, 2019

DC to Indy

I find my seat and sit down next to a man who is in the window seat. A girl comes down the aisle and sees that he is in her seat. She says it’s alright and she suggests that she takes his assigned seat. He agrees and stays in the window seat.

We weren’t sitting there very long before the man asks me something in a very southern drawl. I didn’t understand him, so I said, “I’m sorry?” He repeats it.

He asks, “Are you a Mainer?” 

I said “No. No, I’m not.” 

And he said “Yes, you are.” 

Then he turns toward the window and doesn’t talk to me the rest of the trip.

my son, Jet
had he been on this flight, this would have been his reaction

Did you notice where this conversation took place? DC to Indy. He doesn’t know that this is my connecting flight home from Maine. 

my daughter-in-law, Dani
i can only imagine this would have been her reaction, had she been sitting in front of me and heard this strange conversation

Just threw this one out there for fun today. It was pretty creepy though. He had no idea my love for Maine or that I just came from there. It wasn’t even his seat to begin with. I had about 2 hours or so to think about this before we landed. Apparently, I’m still thinking about it.

Thank you for stopping by! Hope I made you smile!

Coffee is still on! ♥️


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