A Dragon Tree

Sitting in the sunroom on this cloudy, Sunday morning, I am enjoying the view of the sunrise as it tries to break through the clouds, which have been a heavy canopy over my home for way too long now. Two of my besties are with me. My dog, Hercules, and a hot cup of coffee. As I scan the room, I notice how wonderfully, healthy my plants are and that makes me happy. Then I focus my attention to the oldest plant in this room. My tricolor Madagascar dragon tree. It absolutely loves this room. I don’t recall when I first brought him home because it was so long ago. This tree was in our classroom for at least 12 years when all of my kids were home. All the lessons it sat through, along with the laughter, the jokes, the singing, the loving, and the scolding. This tree has been here in this sunroom now for six and a half years. So he is getting up there in age.

I am feeling very grateful for memories with my children and the blessing in everyday life. Even when things aren’t going so great. And if a simple tree in my sunroom serves as a reminder of these things, then I guess it’s okay to have a sentimental attachment to a dragon tree.

Thank you always for stopping by.

The coffee is good this morning. And so is the company. ♥️


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