I believe selfishness is the underlying factor to every “sin” in this world. I think if we dissected every act that is contrary to good, we’d find selfishness as the root. Out of selfishness stems greed, lack of self-control, pride, impatience, arrogance, etc.

But it isn’t always the other person who is selfish. I found myself to be selfish as recently as today. My selfishness, in turn, caused another grief and frustration. Someone I definitely never wanted to hurt or cause even the slightest of ill feeling toward me. I can say I’m sorry all I want but I cannot take back how I made that person feel. All I can do is apologize and not allow selfishness to rule my person again. This old dog can still learn new tricks. That’s only because I want to. (And because I was hit in the head again.) I don’t want my fossilized footprints embedded negatively upon anyone’s heart.

Examine your motive behind the act. Is the underlying reason stemming from selfishness? If so, approach from a different angle. Figure out a truer and better way to accomplish whatever it is that needs to be done. Had I sat down and discussed the issue at hand instead of whining and complaining, hurt feelings would have been nonexistent.

Think before speaking. Even when you are tired. Or hungry. There really is no excuse except for…well…selfishness.

Thank you for coming by again today.
The coffee is still on.


3 thoughts on “Selfishness

  1. I find myself in these circumstances very often. I don’t know if it’s my career choice and the frustration that goes along with or my age just getting the best of me. I know I reflect every night and think about my words and actions. Never can I say I did 100% everything right. I most often have a long list of things floating around in my noggin of how I should of been better, more patient, and kinder. My communication skills I admit are rather poor because of my anxiety. I wish it weren’t true but it is and I accept it. My goal is to change it. I love people and find good in everyone.

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  2. Literally the same thing happened to me yesterday. I felt awful for hurting someone, swallowed my pride and had to apologize. But unfortunately distance kept me from being able to do it face to face. Sometimes you don’t even know exactly what you said to hurt the person, but it’s selfishness that keeps us from caring. I also could not agree more that ever sin stems from it. Thanks for sharing Andi.

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