My Brain is Tired

Customer service.

Why does every job lead me here?

Every job I’ve ever had has been in customer service. Well, except when I worked in the activities department of a long term health care facility.

Am I just getting old and tired and impatient, or is everything messed up and every one in a constant state of confusion and anger?

In a sue-happy world, businesses are having to protect themselves more fully, which means less leniency for the consumer, like in my business of insurance. Inflation is effecting every business and therefore, every life. Insurance is not exempt.

Dealing with phone call after phone call, 8-5, five days a week, from those who are upset is becoming just too much. They blame me for what the insurance carriers require and/or cover. Or, rather…don’t cover. Renewal premiums are skyrocketing in many instances. Many want demands met NOW. They yell at me because they can’t yell at the insurance carrier. I am exhausted like no other time in my life. Even when raising six kids have I never experienced such mental fatigue as I do now. I come home so exhausted that I accomplish nothing and I have many tasks that require attention.

Then there’s the news. It’s everywhere. You need to be informed but how much is too much? It’s all so disturbing.

There has to be more to life than this.

My brain is tired and my heart is weary.

I’m asking God to send help to me in my personal life and direction for another avenue of employment. I’ve been told I am good at customer service, but I certainly no longer enjoy it. The world has changed. Or, maybe it’s just me.

I’m not trying to be a downer really. But if you feel these things too, just know you are not alone. That’s what I’ve said along with this blog. It’s about making connections and letting others they are not alone during trying times.

I’ll be going to bed soon. I might get up early to see the planets that have aligned in the eastern sky. And, thankfully, tomorrow is Friday. Hopefully, a good ending to a rather rough work week. ♥️


3 thoughts on “My Brain is Tired

  1. Why is it that people insist on taking their frustrations out on another person, it is insane to behave like this especially in the world we now live in. Everyone is in the same boat so stop trying to sink one another.
    Happy Friday tomorrow!

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