Hear Me Whisper

Just sharing a poem I wrote almost a decade ago and just found tonight as I was going through my old laptop.

Hear me whisper…

with your first awakened thoughts
when the house is yet quiet and still
and your heart begins to stir within

when you sip your first morning coffee
as the steam moistens your lips
and the warmth calms your body

Hear me whisper…

as the sun shines upon your face
and makes you pause for just a second
to take it all in

and when you are all alone
wondering where I am, what I’m doing,
and if I still care

Hear me whisper…

when you are in a crowded room
and conversation just isn’t quite as interesting
as the conversation between storybook lovers

when snowflakes melt upon your eyelashes
and water refreshes your skin
and the autumn breeze kisses your cheek

Hear me whisper, my love…

at the close of day
when the lights go out and your body shuts down
and your last thoughts of love fade into darkness

I am everywhere and in everything. I am all the time and I am any time. I am in the sky and in the earth and everything in-between. I surround you.

Hear me whisper….I love you.

By Andi
October 29, 2013

Photos: lavender roses, my favorite rose

21 thoughts on “Hear Me Whisper

                    1. I kind of fantasize about Idaho, Utah, Montana and sometimes British Columbia……

                      I’m a very outdoorsy guy to begin with. And sometimes it’d be nice to just disappear into the mountains.


                    2. I love the mountains. When I was first married I told my husband that I wanted to move to Montana and have a dude ranch of boys. It’s so beautiful there. And I am in love with Maine too.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. A dude ranch of boys…. 😳 😂

                      I just can’t get away from civilization enough lol.. I really think I might be cut out for the Jeremiah Johnson life.

                      Liked by 1 person

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