I was introduced to Bill earlier this year by Steve, one of my best friends, and as it turns out, one of Bill’s too. It wasn’t until recently though that Bill and I have become better acquainted. I first met his lovely daughter, MaCayla, at the county fair.

On October 1st we had our last First Friday event of the year on the town square. MaCayla came with her daddy. She was a pleasant presence in our popcorn tent.

That night, a handsome young man named Josh came to the tent. It took me a second to recall that he was one of my daughter’s friends. I gave him popcorn and he stepped in front of my table to leave. As he turned to leave, MaCayla yelled hi to him. He responded hi to her and turned to leave when he looked back at her a second time. He changed his direction and went to MaCayla. He got down to her level and had a short, but sweet conversation with her. I was so impressed with this young man. And it gave MaCayla such happiness to have this special attention.

MaCayla is a hugger and so am I. She gives the best, most heartfelt hugs too. I don’t know if I will make it to Heaven. I am trying. I don’t know if you will make it there either. But when I hug MaCayla, I know for certain that I am embracing Heaven. And that alone gives me hope with an inspiration to try even harder.

Blessed are the meek and the innocent. They are gifts sent from Heaven above.

I’m grateful for people like Josh who don’t avoid situations that many find uncomfortable.

Be thankful for all the blessings in your life. And whenever you have opportunity, embrace Heaven. ♥️


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