Continuing Thoughts

I don’t have the answers to the questions that still linger from yesterday. But these things I do know: 1) I deserve some answers as I am part of the equation. But I cannot control the decisions or actions of others. 2) Many answers I will discover along life’s way and over time. 3) Others simply belong to God and I will respect His silence.

Life is rarely fair. At least, not according to our standards. I feel the pain in that. But life continues, whether fair or not. And I refuse to wave the white flag.

I also know that nature is a good and loyal friend. It always has something beautiful to share. Blinders of despair keep you from seeing the gifts God graciously provides. I took them off today. I wasn’t disappointed.

Having a rough day? Spend a moment outdoors to discover something beautiful. Once you pull the cicadas off of your face and out of your hair, look for that special something to brighten your day. I’m betting you won’t have to look very far to find it.

(That may or may not have happened to me.😬)

Have a blessed evening and a peaceful rest tonight. ♥️


8 thoughts on “Continuing Thoughts

    1. I did the new “cicada” dance that has some pretty unique moves and, of course, I yelled a little. Those things have prickly legs that can really grab onto your clothes and skin. And they are fairly large.

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