The Orchid

The Orchid

Love seeded deep within soil long ago,
…two roots took hold and would never let go.

A dismal circumstance, uncontrolled by the two,
…separated true hearts; still the tiny plant grew.

A single stem from, the soil did emerge,
…as the roots did insist; as love did urge.

Enjoying the sunshine, this little stem grew,
…for love also watered, the roots of these two.

Though even apart, these enlightened hearts knew,
…their love buried deep, would carry them through.

And so through the days, the months, and the years,
…the little stem thrived, ahhhh….but not without tears.

For as the time passed, and the taller it grew,
…not a single bloom…EVER…made a debut.

Although life through the years, was simple and good,
…a loneliness existed, lost hearts understood.

And so the plant lived with a void deep inside,
…living life to the fullest, these hearts truly tried.

And then something happened…really quite unexpected,
…the lonely hearts somehow, became reconnected.

What joy filled this plant that had waited so long,
…for the enchanted tune, of love’s sweetest song.

With hearts reunited, two souls became one,
…and the stem rejoiced, under the warmth of the sun.

And in light of true love, the magic appeared,
…and the void in the stem, simply just disappeared.

What wonderful blooms with petals of white,
…covered the stem, at the top of its height.

White for the purist of love on this earth,
…and for joy ’cause this plant discovered its worth.

Roots…where the deepest love, grows in the heart,
…the length of the stem…years living apart.

The blooms rich in beauty…the love two hearts shared,
…this plant in its spender; true love it declared.

So this is my tale of an orchid of love,
…and the essence of what precious dreams are made of. ♥️

By Andi

Photos: mine 🙂

14 thoughts on “The Orchid

            1. Your blog? You mean it has highs and lows? That’s just life. It will never be perfect here. Ever. This place was never meant to be permanent. If we get too comfortable, we forget. So we go through many things. Everyone does. If people turn away from you, it most likely has 0 to do with you. Everyone’s life is complicated.

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  1. Life is a just too short to ponder over everyone’s life. Write, write, write…it’s beautiful and you NEVER know who you touch. If you touch one person, just one, then it was worth the five that walked away. Chin up, son…


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