Who would like a do-over? I mean a real do-over.

I had so many things planned for this year. I was confident leaving 2019 and stepping into what I felt was “my year”. I can’t ever remember feeling so good about entering a new year. Well…we all know how that turned out. I could write forever about the downside of this year, but I’ve shared enough of that already. It was a hard year for each of us. There’s not anyone who can say that they were not affected by the events of this year. And we each have our own stories.

But…2020 did present some unexpected positives laced between the trials and heartache. I have a better appreciation for simpler things. I fell in love with the outdoors all over again. I became more intrigued with the sky and the vastness of it. It is always beautiful, no matter what the weather, and no one could take that from me, even with all the restrictions placed upon us. I found great peace in nature.

This year I gained a few new forever friends. I became even closer to my children. I cared more deeply about others. I think I became a better listener, and hopefully, a better person; a better friend. I see the hearts of others more clearly…and truthfully, I believe we all want the same things in life. I stood up for what I believed to be right in challenging situations. I’ve loved, unconditionally, those whose lives are more challenged than mine, and was loved in return. I am grateful for these.

Honestly, there’s still an uneasiness in leaving a chaotic 2020 and heading into an already seemingly troubled 2021. But even so, there is much to be grateful for, to hope for, to dream of, and work toward. Just as 2020 gave me meaningful gifts, I suppose 2021 will offer the same. It will be up to me to be observant enough to recognize the blessings.

Be grateful for at least one thing in every single day. ♥️


Photo credit: Mattea, October 2020

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