Jet ♥️

Today, my Jet turns 36. I’ve bragged on this boy many times over the years. I can’t help myself. I will always be his biggest fan.

I would like to share a little something about my son. Jet has overcome so much as our family life wasn’t as it seemed to many who were on the outside looking in. His growing up years were hard. Hard for all my children. I added to their struggles by my own weaknesses and poor decisions. Yet Jet didn’t allow any of that to steal life from him. He overcame so much and lives life to the fullest. Jet was able to turn adversity into strength and everyday became a lesson; building blocks for the man he is today. His shyness found a voice. Questions led to a stronger faith. Fear became wisdom. Pain was replaced with forgiveness. And tears became smiles.

Today, Jet wears many hats and he would be willing to walk in your shoes for a bit if the need arose. I cannot say enough about this young man. He is a prime example that you can rise above all that purposely meant to tear you down. I am so grateful that God has allowed me to witness his beautiful transformation.

I miss his baby days.

So proud of the man he is today.

I love you, Jet. Words cannot express the joy you bring to my life. Happy Birthday. ♥️

Love, Mom

We can learn important lessons through our children. We can learn a lot about ourselves through them as well. Children are a blessing no matter how old they are. Cherish every moment you have with them. I am grateful. ♥️

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